Drum Tuition Books

Here is some recommended reading:


Practical Percussion-Kevin Edwards
Trinity and Rockschool Graded Books
(Trinity recommended for all students over grade 5)
Progressive Rock Drumming - Andy Griffiths


Realistic Rock - Carmine Appice
The Drummers Bible - Mick Berry & Jason Gianni
Groove Essentils - Tommy Igoe
The Total Jazz Drummer - Sunny Jain


Buddy Rich’s Interpretation of snare drum rudiments - Buddy Rich
Future Studies - David Garibaldi
Afro Cuban rhythms for Drum set - Malabe & Weiner
Brazillian Rhythms for Drum set - John Rliey
Advanced Techniques for the modern drummer vol.1 - Jim Chapin

Beginners Djembe

The Djembe Guide - Ianto Thornber

There are many more excellent books available these are only a very small selection. Initially you need to be comfortable with the basics, once you can read up to around a grade 4-6 level you can then start to branch out and be a little more specific with what you study.

I would tend to stay away from any 'Teach...in 10 days' type books as they're usually very light on content for the money.

Exam links

Online Drum Tuition

Another great resource is the internet, there are literally thousands of videos on YouTube and most manufacturers feature an educational section, some of which have some really good stuff on. There's a lot with people doing drum rolls at a million miles an hour but also some good lessons too.

Lots of stuff on the Evans website, I particularly recommend the videos from Bob Gatzen about tuning - Bob Gatzen - Tuning

Lots of good stuff including videos and lots of rudiments!
Vic Firth or Vic Firth - Rudiments

Another page from Vic Firth if you don't find the standard rudiments enough. Vic Firth - Hybrid Rrudiments